About Us

Tinosys is focused on helping businesses enrich Customer Experience using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our mission is decoding data at any scale to provide businesses with actionable insights and measurable decision paths, drive revenue and scale operations faster. We have developed Machine Learning algorithms and Models that enables Descriptive and Prescriptive Predictive Analysis of disparate and wide-ranging information. Tinosys customers decode, understand and leverage their data ensuring an increase in measurable Customer Experience scores and Success ratings leading to increased revenue and faster operation scale

Tinosys has deep roots in AI and ML. The global team consists of Data Scientists and ML Engineers with domain expertise and a passion for AI technology. We solve data problems and bridge the gap between Data and Operations

Tinosys is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and has a dedicated R&D center in Bangalore, India

 We have successfully deployed Tinosys to improve customer experience of various enterprises including HPE, Aruba and many others. Our team consists of dynamic and passionate senior developers and architects with deep domain expertise that includes Cloud, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Community and Micro Services. Our in-depth insight on data across several industries has enabled Tinosys to help medium and large organizations scale and bridge the data gap 

Founder & CEO – Anba Srinivasan 

Anba Srinivasan is an Entrepreneur and a driven CEO with over 20 years of experience in enterprise software, networking, and storage industries. He has built strong technology management and product development teams in both start-up and scaled growth stages. His passion for technology has led him hold several key management positions across several industries. Anba has built business from ground-up, as well as joined existing companies helping them scale to next level. His proven track record lies in building quality software products and services in AI, Cloud and Wireless technologies

Anba founded Tinosys in 2016 – his second start-up venture, pioneering the use of artificial intelligence with data to enable businesses to achieve higher levels of customer experience. Before funding Tinosys, Anba was Senior Director of Software and Services in Panzura. Prior to Panura, Anba founded Nephos in 2008, which built SaaS for enterprise IT to provide hybrid cloud. Anba received his MBA  and master’s degree in software engineering at the  San Jose University, California