About us

Focused on Analytics

Tinosys is focused on helping businesses enrich Customer Experience using AI. Our mission is to decode data at any scale to provide businesses with actionable insights and measurable decision paths, driving revenue and scaling operations faster.

Tinosys has deep roots in AI and Customer Service. Our global team consists of Data Scientists and ML Engineers with domain expertise and a passion for AI technology. We solve big data problems to bridge the gap between Data and Customer Service Excellence.

How It Works

Manage Data Inconsistencies

Wherever your data resides, regardless of format or source, Tinosys consolidates and correlates the data

Exploit the Power of AI

Map & Stitch data together; bring patterns and trends together with Tinosys patented Machine Learning models and proprietary algorithms

Predict Growth

Direct or visual experience enables a deeper understanding of your data. Tinosys integrates with different visualization tools to drill down the specifics and take effective steps to enhance growth.

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